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North America debut: December 19, 1997

Starring: Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Frances Fisher, Kathy Bates, Bernard Hill, Jonathan Hide, Danny Nucci, Jason Barry, Victor Garber, David Warner, Bill Paxton, Gloria Stuart,and Alexandrea Owens. God, I know I'm forgetting someone...

Released by: 20th Centurey Fox, Paramount Pictures and Lightstorm entertainment.

a few facts only obbsessed people would know:
-Filmed in Rosarito Beach, Mexico(as was "Tomorrow Never Dies")
-took over 7 months to film
-the water it was filmed in was a chilly 50 degrees (average hose water in april)
-Leonardo DiCaprio is "Temperature Sensitive" (a less humiliating way to say he's a wuss)
-Kate Winslet and Allie (page maintainer) aren't. (not since i was ice skating, and fell through the ice)
-The scene where Rose spits in Cal's face was all Kate's Idea. It took 27 takes. Jim didn't wanna stop, said she was getting better all the time. But she was getting dry, so someone suggested a little K-Y jelly might just help. (Helen Hunt won?)
-In some scenes Digital Domain added virtual people instead of the real ones.
-James Cameron did a lot of the camera operation himself.
-Jim's got this obbsessive perfectionist thing goin, the set looked just like the real Titanic.
-The sunset in the "flying scene" was real, they had 8 minutes to film it. Kate Winslet was jumping up and down on the bow, ready to pee her pants screaming "Shoot it! Shoot"
-Sir DiCaprio--"I'm not getting in there til they say "rolling'"
-The dolphins in "King o' the world" are real.
-The dinner scene took 'forever and a day". At one point Good ol' Leo (sarcasm) points to his silverware and asks Kathy Bates "Which one of these do I use to lobotomize myself." Seems like King Leonardo has (or is trying to have) a sense of humor. so, ha ha ha. Lobotomy. that's a good one Leo, haha. ok. nevermind me.
-Alex Owens rocks!! She even got to keep the doll.
-Kate Winslet can really pose en pointe. (owww-www! gives ya blisters) -The scene where Ruth is lacing Rose's corset was orriginally revesed. The cast and Cameron decided it would be more "dramatically powerful" the other way. (I know if I use The "quotes" again, you'll send me a virus preventing me from using them, right? Well """"" you!)
-Leonardo, Master thesbian, screws up!!!! The line where he says "on the bed, er, couch" was really supposed to be on the "couch". Got something to tell us Leo?
-That line was on the first day of filming, poor guy probably was blushin a lot that day. (wait. did I just show sympathy toward Leonardo? woops. didn't mean to.) Before filming, Kate Winslet flashed him. Now, there's comedy.

So, if you haven't hopped on your bannana seat to pict up a copy of the book where I got all this (James Cameron's Titanic- Harper Perennial- $20.00US) and the CD (Titanic- Sony Classical) then you can print out this page for some "tasty Titanic tidbits" (where the heck did that come from?) There's more to come.

And all those jokes about Leo, We're just kiddin. We luv ya Leo, oh yes we do..... (well...)

-Allie Deaver
Do not copy without MY permission


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