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In 1898 a struggling Author, Morgan Robertson wrote a novel about a
fantastic Atlantic liner, the largest built. Robertson filled his ship with
some of the richest and most famous people in the world. Then he wrecked one
cold April night, on an iceberg. He called his ship the Titan, his book was
called Futility. Coinsidence? You tell me.

It was at a dinner party, when Bruce Ismay and Thomas Andrews made the
plans for three ships, each bigger and better than the first, and they were
sketched on napkins, of all things. The first the Olympic the second the
Titanic and the third the Brittanic (originally called the Gigantic) The
Olympic would later be known as old reliable. But back to Titanic.
At Harland and Wolff Shipbuilders in Belfast, Ireland, 50,000 Irishman
built a ship, the largest built by the hand of man. It was 66,000 tons
displacement, 882.5 feet long, had triple screw and could go 24-25 knots.
It launched from Southampton dock on April 10, 1912, without ever being
christened. Among the passengers were some of the riches in the world, J.J.
and Madeline Asotr, and Bennjamin Gugenheim, while it also had some of the
poorest, hopeful immagrants in search of a new life in America. At the dock in
Southampton, Titanic escaped a near-collision with the American line New York,
when Titanic's water displacement caused the New York's ropes to snap. Some
thought this was a bad omen, for a maiden voyage.
On April 14, 1912, the Titanic was sailing on extremley smooth waters,
when lookout Fredrick fleet spotted an iceberg. At 11:40 PM after desprate
attemts to "Hard'a Starboard" Titanic hit the iceberg, avoiding a head on
collision, but causing some of the keel plated to be bent, letting water in to
the first five holds. Titanic could float with the first four compartments
breeched but not 5. The captain ordered the lifeboat uncovered, but only
women and childern could enter, he also ordered the band to play light
cheerful music while the ship sank. Some men were so desprate to get on the
lifeboat, they dressed up as women! It is said that third class passenges were
locked belowdecks and could not get up. although some did escape somehow, many
people met their fate there. Another thing was that there weren't enough
lifeboats. When the ship finally went under about 2:20 AM, 1500 people were
left in the freezing water. Most of them did not drown, but froze to death in
the 28 degree water.


TITANIC timeline

April 10, 1912: 12:00 PM Leaes southampton dock
7:00 PM Stops at Cherbourg for passengers
9:00 PM Leaves Cherbourg for Queenstown
April 11, 1912 12:30 PM Stops at Queenstown, one crewman deserts.
2:00 PM leaves Queenstown carrying 1316 passengers, and 891 crew
April 14, 1912 9:00 AM Caronia reports ice L 42 dg. Ndegrees) Ln 49- 52 dg W
1:42 PM Baltic reports ice L 41 gd N Ln. 49 dg W
1:45 PM Amerika repots ice
7:00 Pm temperature 43 degrees
7: 30 PM temp. 39 degrees, Californian reports ice
9:00 PM temp: 33 degrees
9:30 PM 2nd officer lightoller warns engine room to watch the fresh water
supply, it might freeze up, warns crow's nest to watch for ice.
9:40 PM Mesaba repots ice.
10:00 PM temp. 32 degrees
10:30 temp of sea: 31 degrees
11:00 Califonrian trys to warn for ice, cut off before giving location
11:40 PM Collides with iceberg
April 15, 1912 12:05 AM Orders given to uncover lifeboats
12:15 AM First wireless call for help
12:45 AM First rocket fired, Boat #7 lowered
1:40 AM Last rocket fired
2:05 AM Last boat, collapsible D lowered
2: 10 AM last wireless call for help sent
2:18 AM lights fail
2:20 AM ship founders
3:30 AM Carpathia's rockets sighted by boats
4;10 AM first boat #2 picked up by Carpathia
8:30 AM last boat #12 is picked up
8:50 AM Carpathia leaves for New York carrying 705 survivors

Timeline excerped from A Night To Remember, 1955, by Walter Lord
All other Text by Allie Deaver (please don't copy without permission)


Titanic: The exhibtion
Exploring the Titanic by Robert Ballard
A Night To Remember by Walter Lord

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